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Presentation Tips

Clean Up

It’s always a good idea to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned from walls to windows, carpets to curtains and everything in between. A little extra sparkle on appliances, mirrors & taps will make a great impression and help to show your home to its full potential.

De Clutter

Mantelpieces, counter space and fridge doors are magnets for clutter; make sure to clear them off and showcase the amount of space available in your home. If you can move any unnecessary items to the attic or shed then this will add to a spacious feeling in your home. In the bathroom, clear away all personal products and have fresh towels on the rail.

De Personalise

Prospective purchasers will be trying to imagine what your home will look like with their belongings in place and this will be difficult for them to do if there are a lot of personal effects in each room. If you have a lot of photos on the walls they can be stored away to be rehung in your next home. Neutral tones are more appealing to the majority and give the feeling of light and space.

Freshen Up

Open windows before a viewing for a fresh feeling in your home. Use plug in air fresheners and have the carpets cleaned if necessary. It may be wise to give the walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour if the budget allows for it! Consider a vase of fresh flowers in the hallway or kitchen to add some natural freshness to your home.

Make Minor Repairs

Now is the time to fix that leaking tap, repair that broken cupboard door and replace that burnt out light bulb!


Don’t forget the garden when you are putting the finishing touches to your home. Mow the lawn and cut back any overgrown shrubs & weeds. Even if your garden is fairly basic a few well-placed pot plants can create a nice homely feel.

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